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If you've got cat urine odor, dog urine odor, carpet stains, urine-soaked carpet pad or trashed subfloor, you've come to the right place.  Read our customer reviews and you'll see they're very happy with DooDoo Voodoo.  It is a PHENOMENAL cat urine odor remover and dog urine odor remover.

Its pet-friendly formulation works where other products already failed.  Stains from barf, poop, pee, blood, bile and more (both human and animal) often disappear right before your eyes.  It can even salvage trashed carpet and subfloor you might otherwise have to replace. Works on stains AND odors.

We are a family-owned, charitable company. We founded two 501(c)(3) animal charities, a nonprofit spay/neuter clinic and operate a rescue facility where we provide lifelong care for special-needs animals.  You can see photos of some of our successful animal rescues and more here.  Your purchase helps!

DooDoo Voodoo's proprietary chemistry neutralizes odors in a  different way from other products you may be familiar with.  It even works on areas you've already treated with disinfectants, bacteria or enzyme products, white vinegar, carpet cleaning solutions or anything else.  Our proprietary chemistry doesn't "see" the previous treatments, unlike other types of stain & odor removal products, which may not work on areas you've previously treated with other products.  DooDoo Voodoo works great on carpet, clothing, furniture, leather, car interiors, theater seating and more.  Human hospice workers even use it to control human stains and odors.

  Why DooDoo Voodoo Is Your Smartest Choice  ◄
Really Easy To Use & VERY Effective
WAY MORE Affordable Than Other Brands Up To 98.8% Less Expensive!
Costs as little as 49 per quart (once you dilute our 4-Gallon Concentrate)
Even Works Where Other Products Have Failed Doesn't "See" Them, Chemically
Unlike Enzyme Products, It's Not Finicky About The Treatment Environment
Requires No Extra Work On Your Part, Unlike Enzymes, Etc.
It Goes To Work Immediately, Unlike Other Products That Can Take Days
No Blotting, Injecting, Covering With Towels, Vacuuming, Nothing.  Pour It. Leave It. Love It!

Discourages Animals From Resoiling The Same Areas
Long Shelf-Life Lasts For Years If Stored Correctly
Plant-Based Formula:  Its Three Major Ingredients Are From Mother Nature
Most Of Our Customers Are REPEAT Customers Read The Unedited Reviews
Contains No Dyes Or Perfumes Its Scent Is Slight, Natural & Temporary
Money Raised Helps Needy Animals

DooDoo Voodoo is tolerated well by people & pets, and has no overpowering "chemical" smell or lingering, added  fragrance.  It's biodegradable & largely uses "green" ingredients; in fact, its main ingredient is from a plant.  It works great for carpet cleaning in your home or car and is perfect for restaurants, hotels & motels, housecleaning services, auto detailing and more.  DooDoo Voodoo is effective on human urine, vomit, sour milk smell, cigarette odors and staining, plus any other organic sources of stains and odors, even old ones.

If you've been dissatisfied with other products, try ours. You'll absolutely love it.

Customers say DooDoo Voodoo dramatically outperforms bacteria- & enzyme-based odor neutralizers and those "as seen on TV" products.  We get TONS of repeat orders, so you know our customers find DooDoo Voodoo to be highly effective.  Click here to read DooDoo Voodoo customer reviews!  We know that you'll love DooDoo Voodoo as much as they do.  We have customers who repeatedly buy hundreds of dollars' worth, year after year, so you know that DooDoo Voodoo works!

You can purchase securely with your credit card via PayPal through this site, or by credit card directly via phone.

We ship via FedEx, and sometimes USPS, in the continental USA.  We can ship outside the continental USA, but the freight is (sometimes considerably) higher, so we quote each order on an individual basis.  If you're outside the continental USA and are interested in our products, please e-mail us here and tell us what you're interested in ordering, your address, your phone number, etc.  We'll get a shipping quote and get back to you.

Welcome!  We appreciate your support of our products and our mission.  We've been helping needy animals for decades.

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