Blacklight Instructions

For a blacklight to work correctly, you should use it in a darkened room.  Nighttime is best, but depending on your window treatments, you might be able to successfully use your blacklight during the day if your treatments block enough light.

A good blacklight will show all sorts of organic materials, both human and animal.  A blacklight also will show dust particles.

Some cats will stand on a piece of furniture and spray, so if you've got couches, tables, etc., up against the wall, be sure to shine your blacklight at the wall at about the 4' height.  Look for the characteristic streaks running down your wall.  You might see urine that has crept along the top of your baseboard after it ran down the wall.

Sometimes the angle at which you hold the blacklight can make a big difference in how well it shows the soiled areas.

If you're using a blacklight around wet carpet that's been cleaned or treated with DooDoo Voodoo, be sure to wear rubber-soled shoes and use common sense regarding shock hazards.  Our company disclaims all liability.

Be sure to check down in your HVAC ducts, as many animals have a tendency to urinate down the registers.

To make using your blacklight as easy as possible, we suggest you buy a heavy-duty, 3-prong extension cord 25' long.  This allows you to travel around most rooms without having to keep unplugging and replugging the blacklight.  For safety in wet areas, it's important that the extension cord be of the 3-prong (grounded) type.

Your blacklight might show you areas which your nose tells you don't stink.  These could be from spilled food, body fluids, previous homeowners' pets, baby barf, etc.  The important thing is that you sniff all the spots the blacklight shows you so you can be sure you're treating all your odor-causing spots with DooDoo Voodoo.

For additional example photos of what your blacklight may show you, see our Case Studies page.

If you have any questions about using your DooDoo Voodoo blacklight, feel free to e-mail us.