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Peyton Manning & His Wife Ashley Say:

"Adopt Your Pets From Animal Shelters & Be Sure To Have Them Spayed & Neutered!"

Photograph Copyright 2002, Eric Smith.  All rights reserved.  Photo and quote are not to be construed as an endorsement of DooDoo Voodoo in any way by the Mannings; they simply support our animal charity work.  We & they believe in saving animals' lives.



There is simply no more effective way to eradicate pet stains and odors from your carpet, pad AND subfloor than to do what's called subsurface extraction.

I've been performing --- and evangelizing about --- subsurface extraction for nearly two decades.

How it works is:  You soak a spot with Doodoo Voodoo.  You "smoosh" it down with your shoe (perhaps with disposable shoe covers on) to force it deep into the carpet backing and pad.  You let it dwell for 5-30 minutes (so it can begin to eliminate the stains and odors, and so it can liquify the offensive organic material so you can extract it).  Next, you pour warm water on the area and smoosh it in.  Then, you fire up your carpet extractor or sufficiently powerful wetvac and, using your subsurface tool, suck all the yucky organic material out.  You can see through the clear plastic top of the tool exactly what you're removing.  You'll be mortified at what comes out of your carpet.

It's just that fast and that easy.  Once you do it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.  I'm not kidding.  You'll be thinking, "Why, oh why, did I live with stains, odors and filth all this time when this is so easy and affordable????"

Videos To Familiarize You With The Tools
Here are links to two short videos on YouTube to show you how the SOS Hand Tool & Pro Tool work.

Video Of Hand Tool #1
Video Of Hand Tool #2 (ignore their instruction to pull the tool across the carpet)
Video Of Pro Tool

Notes About The Pro Video:  The Pro video is targeted at professional carpet cleaners, which is why it mentions "truckmounts," which are the in-van machines pro's tend to use (they're powered by the van's engine, which is why carpet cleaners leave their vans running), but the Pro can absolutely be used with appropriate portable carpet extractors and wetvacs that exhibit sufficient suction (called "waterlift" in the carpet cleaning industry).

Guess What's In Your House Right Now
Below are two examples of some dirty water I got when I did a subsurface extraction job on carpet that seemed clean (and had been professionally cleaned not long prior). You won't believe what's lurking in your carpet, pad and subfloor, and what you and your pets are breathing.

Let Me Illustrate How Cheap & Easy It Is To Solve Your Stain & Odor Problems
Here's a recent case study to help illustrate the effectiveness of subsurface extraction.

A professor at a prestigious east coast university complained of extreme cat urine smell and tons of vomit stains in his carpeted basement, plus cat urine in their upholstered sectional sofa.  They had tried all manner of home remedies, store-bought products and cover-ups, but nothing worked and they were glad to have been referred to Doodoo Voodoo.

I advised him regarding the proper methodology and sold him a gallon of Doodoo Voodoo Concentrate.  He bought a nozzle tool from us (sorry, they're not on the website just yet, but will be soon) and I directed him regarding which carpet cleaning extractor to rent locally (it happened to be one of the same machines we use and now sell, but which are also not on the site just yet).  I think it was about $35 for a day to rent the machine.

One recent Saturday, he and his wife jumped into the project and did subsurface extraction of their basement, which was multiple rooms, and their sectional.

They kept texting me photos and their thoughts as they went along.  One that really made me laugh was when they told me they didn't realize what filthy people they were until they started doing subsurface extraction.  :-)

To say they were thrilled with the results --- and absolutely amazed by how fast, easy and inexpensive it was --- would be an understatement.  They said that they never thought some of the stains would come out...but they all did.  They said they could never have imagined that their "trashed" carpet, pad and subfloor could be salvaged...but they were.  They, being environmentally conscious, were thrilled that all their carpet and pad stayed out of the landfill and that they didn't have to spend big money on new flooring.  They were thrilled that they didn't have to clean and seal their subfloor, nor replace the drywall that had been peed on or replace their baseboard and shoe molding.

And the most amazing thing was that they said they mixed most of their DooDoo Voodoo at just the 1/2 ounce per quart strength, which is the weakest ratio we recommend (for regular Concentrate, not our new SUPER Concentrate, which dilutes at 1/4 ounce per quart up to 1 ounce per quart).  And they said they didn't even use the whole gallon of Doodoo Voodoo Concentrate, so now they have a lot left in case the cats make more messes.

They texted me the next day to tell me:

"There is ZERO smell in the basement.
No Doodoo Voodoo smell, no pee smell, NOTHING.  It just smells neutral!"

You Wanna Feel That Good About YOUR House?
That, my friends, is what you can experience, too.  You can be rid of your stains and odors better, faster and cheaper than you EVER thought possible.  You can avoid having to do a ton of extra work on the subfloor and you can avoid buying new flooring and hurting the environment.

All this for as little as $39.99 plus shipping.

That's WAY less than any professional cleaning would cost you.  And it's going to be FAR more effective at eradicating your stains and odors PERMANENTLY than many professional cleaners could provide.

SOS Hand Tool

w/ FREE shipping to all 50 states via Priority Mail!

SOS Pro Tool

plus $21 shipping, handling & insurance

How To Use The Two Types Of Tools To Perform Subsurface Extraction
The Hand Tool you use by hand on smaller stains and odors and do so as shown in the photos.  The Pro Tool you stand on as you move around the room and it is intended for use on larger areas of square footage.  But, even if you intend to work on smaller areas of stain and odor, you can still use the Pro tool!  It may be easier for some of you to use 'cause you never have to get on your hands and knees.

Regardless which tool you choose, you'll get the hang of it in just minutes and you'll have a smile on your face and a great sense of satisfaction.

Got Any Stains That Keep Coming Back No Matter How Many Times You Clean Them?
Welcome to the dreaded "wicking" and "soil migration."  These are professional terms that define the reasons that stains keep reappearing after you thought you were done with them for good.  You see, even when the top of the carpet LOOKS clean, there's likely plenty of organic matter down deep.  This soil will automatically migrate up.  Why?  Because the carpet fibers will dry on top faster than the deeper fibers will dry.  Physics says that the moisture down deep will automatically migrate toward the dryer fibers on top, thus carrying the deep-down soil with it.  The result?  A stain that keeps coming back.  No more...if you perform subsurface extraction.  The deep-down soil will be GONE.

Go Big
In professional circles, it's said that if you use a Pro-type tool, you can subsurface extract up to 1200 square feet in an hour.  I've done a ton of subsurface work and am pretty darned good at it, but I think 1200 square feet in an hour might be overstating it a bit, as you need to allow dwell time and flush time (with warm water, often more than once).  But, the process IS super-easy and goes a LOT faster than you ever would imagine.

You'll Do A Better Job Than A Lot Of Professionals
As amazing as it may seem, there are still professional carpet cleaners who don't own these types of tools.  All they have in their arsenal is the stereotypical wand...and a sore back and shoulders.  No matter how good a technician is, he'll never do the in-depth extraction with a wand that you'll be able to do for as little as $39.99.

Additional Photos Of The Hand Tool And Pro Tool
Here are some more photos and screencaps of the two tools so you can better familiarize yourself with them.

The Hand Tool is compatible with all three sizes of common hoses/cuffs (below), but the Pro Tool only works with 1.5" and 2" hoses/cuffs:

Here's how you stand on the Pro Tool as you move around the area:

The Pro Tool with its included storage bag and removable, adjustable handle:

Another Case Study
We have an elderly special-needs rescue dog named Rocky (right) who sometimes goes #1 and #2 on the carpet due to separation anxiety and "sundowner's syndrome" from the chemistry of his aging brain.  But with the proper tools (Doodoo Voodoo, an EDIC portable extractor and the SOS subsurface Hand Tool), his messes are just an inconvenience for us.  With the proper tools, YOU can deal with your messes as quickly and easily as I did here.  This project took me very little time and very little Doodoo Voodoo to FULLY eradicate what otherwise was AWFUL, GROSS staining of the carpet in one of our bedrooms.  As I say in our brochure and on this site:  Doodoo Voodoo gives you peace of mind and makes pet messes no big deal.

Here are some photos from a recent cleanup.  Note that I spared you the trauma of seeing the extraordinarily gross "before" photos!  Click on these to see larger versions.

Photo #1:
Here's after I cleaned up the (soft, not formed) dog feces that had REALLY stained the carpet.  I've poured Doodoo Voodoo on the spots and am letting it dwell.

Photo #2:
Here I'm using the corner of the Doodoo Voodoo Claw Tool (which we intend to have for sale on the website soon) to work the Doodoo Voodoo into the spots.  As you can see, the initial cleanup and pouring of Doodoo Voodoo has virtually eliminated the staining (which was severe and really gross), but I wanted to make sure that the areas were as stain, odor and germ-free as possible --- and as deep down as possible --- so I figured I'd do a proper cleanup, which to me always includes surface work and a subsurface extraction.

Photo #3:
Working the Claw Tool back and forth to really work Doodoo Voodoo into the carpet fibers.

Photo #4:
This is after using the technique shown in Photo #3.

Photo #5:
This is after using the Claw Tool to extract as much from the fibers as possible.  It did a great job and I could have stopped here if I'd been in a hurry.  The deep-down Doodoo Voodoo would have kept working, then dried naturally.  But it was bedtime and someone in the family was chomping at the bit to get to bed.  I didn't want the room to smell like Doodoo Voodoo while someone was trying to sleep, so subsurface extraction was in order.  Note the position in which I set the Claw Tool down?  I show this to you to illustrate that if you're going to set your Claw or other tool down, set it in such a way that any liquid inside doesn't drain out onto the floor.

Photo #6:
Here I'm using the SOS Hand Tool immediately after using the Claw Tool to extract the fibers.  But see how there's not much coming up from the backing and pad?  This is because the tool needs the carpet fibers to be wet in order to work correctly.  Why?  Because it's easier for the tool to create a vacuum effect when placed on wet carpet vs. dry.

Photo #7:
This is after I dumped warm water on the spots so as to flush out the Doodoo Voodoo (that's now seeped down deep into the carpet backing and pad) and offensive organic material.  You should flush 'til the extraction solution is clear and not soapy.

Photo #8:
This is after a couple flushes with warm water and the SOS Hand Tool.  Note that even though the subsurface tool pulls out nearly all the water, there's still enough left in the carpet to allow you to see the areas that have been treated.  But within about an hour, the wetness had completely disappeared and you couldn't even see where I'd flooded the carpet with Doodoo Voodoo and warm water.  And, most importantly, the room didn't smell of dog poop or Doodoo Voodoo.  That's what we want when it's bedtime.  ;-)

Subsurface Extraction Is Right For You & Your Pets
Your house can be cleaner, fresher-smelling and stain-free for as little as $39.99 plus shipping.  Buy now!

SOS Hand Tool

plus $15 shipping, handling & insurance

SOS Pro Tool

plus $21 shipping, handling & insurance