The Easy-To-Understand Science Of DooDoo Voodoo

If you're like most people, you've tried everything under the sun on your stains and odors, but you've been unhappy with the results.  Have no fear.  DooDoo Voodoo will make you happy again.

Customers tell us that we've hit on the magic formula that so many of us pet owners have been longing for for so many years.

If you're the type who likes to know the "why" as much as the "what," you've come to the right page.  In the next few short paragraphs, you'll learn --- in scientific, yet easy-to-understand language --- just why and how DooDoo Voodoo does its job.

If you can hang in there for the next couple minutes, you'll be even more brilliant than you already are.  :-)

It's Good To Be Different
DooDoo Voodoo works in a different way from the popular enzyme & bacteria odor removers that many people mistakenly think are the best way to alleviate pet stains and odors.

We've personally used many dozens of different enzyme and bacteria products, plus disinfectants and more, but didn't achieve results anywhere near what we do with DooDoo Voodoo.  In fact, despite being touted as "non-toxic" and all that, some of them really bothered us to be around, likely because of the overpowering fragrance their manufacturers added.  This is not a problem with DooDoo Voodoo, which contains no added fragrance.

We feel that enzyme and bacteria products are too finicky about the pH of the environment into which they're introduced.  It's been said by scientists that enzymes/bacteria don't like being put on spots where common cleaning products, DIY solutions and professional carpet cleaning chemicals have been used, as these can alter the pH of the environment and negate the bacterial enzymes' ability to do the job you want them to.

DooDoo Voodoo is different.  From a chemical standpoint, it doesn't "see" what you've treated an area with before and it doesn't care about the area's pH.  It doesn't need to be kept moist with wet towels.  It doesn't need blotting.  You don't have to inject it with a hypodermic needle.  In fact, nothing could be simpler.  Just pour (or spray) it...leave it...LOVE IT!

DooDoo Voodoo contains no dyes and no perfumes.  It does NOT contain enzymes.

How DooDoo Voodoo Does What It Does
We do not have overall EPA registration for DooDoo Voodoo, as it costs huge amounts of money and takes years of legal work to attain such certification, so we cannot make a claim that our finished product is a disinfectant.  We are allowed to say that it is a cleaner.

What we can say is that our proprietary chemistry harnesses the power of one of nature's most powerful germ killers and couples it with select natural and man-made domestic and imported ingredients for incredible overall cleaning effectiveness.  The 3 major ingredients in DooDoo Voodoo come from Mother Nature.  The natural germ killer catalyzes an oxidizing action that breaks apart the odor and stain molecules and works with our other constituents, including a natural solvent, to break the chemical bonds in stains and thus also may inhibit the offending organic materials' bacterial growth that would otherwise lead to organic odors.

DooDoo Voodoo contains at least one natural, EPA-registered disinfectant, water, man-made & natural cleaning agents, natural plant-based solvents and one or more essential oils traditionally known for their odor-reducing, antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal properties.  It does not contain tea tree oil, commonly thought to be toxic to cats at too-high concentrations.

The exact ingredients and formula are ours and ours alone, and are a trade secret.

DooDoo Voodoo's ingredients work together synergistically to reduce the surface tension between DooDoo Voodoo and the surface or material being treated.  What's that mean?  That DooDoo Voodoo gets the soiled substrate more receptive so that DooDoo Voodoo can attack the stains and odors.  We wake up the organic contaminants and get them ready to be dealt with by our proprietary chemistry.  Our hydrophobic (water-hating) natural solvents & cleaning agents are attracted to the soiling, so they are driven to penetrate deep and break down the organic contaminants.  In addition, the molecule of our manmade surfactant is structured such that it attacks both water soluble soils and water insoluble greases and oils.  In short, there's no part of a stain and odor issue that DooDoo Voodoo doesn't attack.

After that, DooDoo Voodoo's other constituents work synergistically to break the bond between the organic contaminants and the surface (carpet fibers, upholstery, cellular foam, concrete, tile, grout, hardwood, etc.), thus making it easier for our ingredients to come in contact with a greater amount of surface area of the contaminants.  These biodegradable, hydrophilic (water-loving) surfactants pull soiling away from the surfaces, then dissolve and suspend the soiling and contaminants in our solution.

Lastly, the power of nature catalyzes a process via which the organic contaminants get obliterated and the stains get de-colorized.  The byproducts of this reaction are oxygen and water. 

As our registered trademark slogan says:
"It's Science, But It Works Like Magic!"

Let's Talk About Why Urine & Other Organic Contaminants Stink
Pet urine degrades in stages.  During the first stage, ammonia is formed.  This is bad enough, but the second stage is even worse.  That's when the mercaptan is formed.

Cat urine is composed of:

Uric Acid
Other electrolytes
Bacteria typically 5 different strains

When cat urine dries, the urea is broken down by the bacteria. This is what makes urine smell like ammonia. As it decomposes further, it releases thiols that make the odor worse.  This is key, as you'll soon learn.  Meet your arch enemy, mercaptan.

Here's some info I pulled from The Independent, a British site:

"Mercaptan is also known as methanethiol and is a harmless but pungent-smelling gas which has been described as having the stench of rotting cabbages or smelly socks.  it is often added to natural gas, which is colorless and odorless, to make it easier to detect.

The gas is an organic substance, made of carbon, hydrogen and sulfur, and is found naturally in living organisms --- including the human body, where it is a waste product of normal metabolism. It is one of the chemicals responsible for the foul smell of bad breath and flatulence.

People who have eaten asparagus can experience the distinctive smell of mercaptan in their urine within 30 minutes of consuming the vegetable, which contains substances that are quickly broken down to methanethiol. However, not everyone is able to smell mercaptan in their urine as a genetic mutation in some people means they are immune to the odor.

The great advantage of mercaptan for industrial purposes is that it can be detected by most people in extremely small quantities, less than one part per million. This makes it an ideal additive to odorless gases, and, like natural gas, it is flammable."

One Sentence Says It All
The first sentence of the last paragraph of the green text is the one I especially want you to notice.  " can be detected by most people in extremely small quantities, LESS THAN ONE PART PER MILLION (my emphasis)."  Wow!  No wonder animals often return to the same spot to resoil!  If humans can detect one part per million, imagine how previous soiling smells to your animals!  Veterinarians estimate that animals' sense of smell is MANY times stronger than humans'.  In fact, I've read or been told by vets "100 times stronger," "100,000 times stronger" and more.  Given that pets are territorial by nature, and given that we all know that many animals seem to have an innate need to re-mark their territory --- even when THEY were the ones to mark the territory previously --- it becomes obvious why eradicating pet odors is so important.  If we don't, animals will re-mark the areas...and there is a very real risk that their behavior may become habitual, which is, as psychologists know, even tougher to turn around.

Oh...and, given that people can detect mercaptan at concentrations of only one part per million, if you think your guests can't smell your animal urine issue, you're kidding yourself.  ;-)

The Health Effects Of Mercaptan
Even though it is harmless in small amounts and with sporadic exposure, if your home exhibits consistent pet-urine smell, you're harming your and your animals' health.  In high concentrations, mercaptan is toxic and affects the central nervous system, so it's important to deal with your pet odors --- for the sake of both the humans and the pets in your space.  In fact, the behavior effects of ongoing mercaptan exposure may be where the phrase "crazy cat lady" came from.

From a government site:  "Exposure to methyl mercaptan may cause immediate irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, as well as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and tearing of the eyes.  Exposure to methyl mercaptan can also cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache and lack of coordination."

Here Comes The Cavalry
Have no fear, though.  One of the main benefits of DooDoo Voodoo is that it's been shown time and time and time again to be incredibly successful at eradicating pet odors so that animals tend to not return to the same areas to resoil.  As you can read on our TESTIMONIALS page, people report this to us ALL the time.  In fact, many people have reported that their animals now lie and sleep in the exact same spots where they used to repeatedly soil!

Pet Soiling Is Unhealthy For Pets AND Humans
If you poke around online, you can find all sorts of information about the negative health effects of being around decaying pet soiling.  If the soiling is pervasive and your exposure is significant, you can suffer some really serious health consequences, as can your pets.  Luckily, DooDoo Voodoo makes it easy to clean up pet messes so your environment can be much healthier.

Like It Never Even Happened
DooDoo Voodoo's unique combination of natural and manmade ingredients reduces or eliminates the organic materials that are the source of odors and stains, and negates the mercaptan that's responsible for the offensive odor.  Once it's finished doing its job, it converts naturally to oxygen and water, plus a temporary hint of its fresh citrus scent.  This is why we feel that it's the most effective --- and smartest --- way to treat organic stains & odors.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that we strongly believe --- primarily from our decades of firsthand experience battling pet odors --- that NOTHING comes close to DooDoo Voodoo's effectiveness or affordability.

And remember:  your purchase helps support our charitable foundation's animal welfare work, so purchasing DooDoo Voodoo is a win-win for you, your animals and the animals we serve.

We urge you to order DooDoo Voodoo today.