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Treating Sour Milk Odor In Your Car Or Home

DooDoo Voodoo is PHENOMENALLY EFFECTIVE on sour milk smell. or, as they say over the pond, spilt milk smell.  Our customers have told us repeatedly that nothing is more effective than DooDoo Voodoo at sour spilled milk smell removal.

Automotive milk spills, whether from baby formula, latte coffee drinks, milk cartons, milkshakes or any other source, are treated with DooDoo Voodoo in the same way as milk spills in a home or from pet stains and odors.

The bottom line is that you can buy back your car for as little as $44.90, including free shipping (in the continental USA).   :-)

Many folks with spilled milk odor (sour milk smell) find us because satisfied customers have mentioned us on and other sites.  They love DooDoo Voodoo for spilled milk odors.

Success Stories
DooDoo Voodoo has eradicated spilled milk odor in everyday cars and luxury cars all over the USA, Europe, Australia and beyond.  Customers who've tried everything else they could get their hands on say NOTHING beats DooDoo Voodoo for sour milk odor removal.

DooDoo Voodoo helped one customer salvage a luxury car in Germany.  The owner had the dealership pull the seats and carpeting out of the car, steam clean the metal, deodorize the car and more, but the sour milk smell remained.  She then treated with DooDoo Voodoo and the smell was finally gone.  She was thrilled.

>>> Click Here To Listen To A Customer Testimonial About Spilled Milk Odor Removal <<<

Here's a testimonial from a fellow whose wife spilled milk in her new car:

"I bought my wife a car, but then she spilled a whole gallon of milk in the back seat.  Nothing worked at removing the smell.  It smelled like somebody vomited in there!  I got online and saw DooDoo Voodoo recommended, so I bought some.  It totally solved the problem!  Now you can't tell that there was ever spilled milk in there.  Your product is AWESOME." George

Guidelines To Insure Successful Odor Removal
The following guidelines apply whether your spill is on upholstery (over foam padding) or on the carpeted floor, but especially the former.

Spills on automotive carpeting don't require as deep a soaking as they would in your house, as there's not as much padding underneath automotive carpet...and it tends to be of the cloth variety, not foam.  The floor of a car is also metal, not concrete or wood, so it's not going to soak up the odor as much.

The more of the offending organic material you can remove, be it milk, urine or whatever, the less there is for DooDoo Voodoo to have to eradicate.  So blot up with paper towels or clean cloth towels, swapping for fresh towels often.  Don't scrub.

If you have a carpet cleaning machine and can extract the area after treating with DooDoo Voodoo, all the better.  If you don't have a carpet machine, you might ask the local auto detail shop or your preferred carpet cleaning professional to extract the area for you after you soak it with DooDoo Voodoo and let it dwell for at least a half hour.  Extraction helps ensure success because it removes some of the offending odor-causing material, but don't sweat it if you don't have an extractor.  Plenty of customers have achieved 100% success simply by treating with DooDoo Voodoo and letting it air dry naturally.

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Following Up
After you extract or blot, we've found it helpful to either mist the area or treat the area with DooDoo Voodoo again, but with not quite as much of a soaking.  Then, leave it alone and let it air dry completely, which can take longer than you might at first think, before doing a sniff test to see how effective the first round was.

If you deem it necessary, repeat, but most users report that they don't have to.  Some users, either those with deeper infiltration or those who don't treat thoroughly enough in round one (or with a strong-enough mixture), may need to do an additional treatment, but this is most often not necessary.

I've personally had experiences where one deep treatment was all that was required, but other experiences where repeats were necessary to fully eradicate the odor.  The latter seem to be instances where the organic material had been in place for a longer period of time, rather than recently deposited.

Repeating the carpet machine extraction with each round of treatment is always beneficial, but plenty of customers have had success without it.  It's up to you to determine whether you think this is necessary in your particular case.

Don't Rush Things
The biggest advice I can give you is to allow the area to completely dry before making a decision to (perhaps) re-treat.  Some customers rush to judgment and re-treat before the area is fully dry.  This negates the final portion of the cycle, which is when the bulk of the odor kill occurs, so don't fall into this trap.  Remember:  it's common for the odor to get a lot better initially, then worse, then better at the end of the drying cycle.  So don't give up the ship; let the product do its job fully and to completion before deciding if it's necessary to re-treat.

The DooDoo Voodoo Advantage
Customers often have told us that bacteria (enzyme) products have not been effective at eradicating automotive spilled milk odors.  We feel that this is because the automotive environment is too hostile for these products' temperamental nature.  Bacteria-based products, which emit enzymes, need an optimal environmental pH and temperature in order to be effective, and they need to stay moist in order to keep the so-called beneficial bacteria alive.  DooDoo Voodoo does NOT have such requirements, which is one of its main advantages over other products, so we feel that it's a smarter product to use in your car (or your home).

Expect Success
I hope this info is helpful to you as you attack the sour milk smell.  Many, many customers have had 100% success with DooDoo Voodoo on their spilled milk odor, and I'm expecting you will, too, no matter whether your problem is in your car or your home.


P.S.  If you haven't done so, please take 51 seconds to listen to the amazing customer testimonial about eradicating spilled milk odor with DooDoo Voodoo.  Then purchase some DooDoo Voodoo today.  You'll be glad you did.  Nothing works better or is more affordable!


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