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Peyton Manning & His Wife Ashley Say:

"Adopt Your Pets From Animal Shelters & Be Sure To Have Them Spayed & Neutered!"

Photograph © Copyright 2002, Eric Smith.  All rights reserved.  Photo and quote are not to be construed as an endorsement of DooDoo Voodoo in any way by the Mannings; they simply support our animal charity work.  We & they believe in saving animals' lives.



Welcome To Our Veterinary-Only Page

Whether you saw our recent press releases in the vet magazines or are visiting us at the urging of one of our dealer clinics, we're glad to have you.

What The Press Releases Didn't Mention
The magazines opted to run only part of the information we submitted, so you may be of the impression that our product is only for use in the clinic as a cleaner and deodorizer.  Not so!  The main purpose of DooDoo Voodoo is that it be sold by the clinics to their clients.

Clinics are already quite successfully selling DooDoo Voodoo in ready-to-use (RTU) and concentrate forms and clients LOVE DooDoo Voodoo.  Our dealer clinics have found that DooDoo Voodoo customers buy our product over and over again and that the clinics gain a significant number of word-of-mouth sales.  We have never received a single negative comment about DooDoo Voodoo's performance.

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A quart of RTU (ready-to-use) DooDoo Voodoo in our trigger sprayer bottle.  This is a high-quality shipper sprayer, not some 5¢ import.

A quart (liter, actually, which is more than a quart) of DooDoo Voodoo Concentrate.  Our product is so concentrated that this quart yields up to 16 gallons of usable product.

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There seem to be gazillions of pet odor neutralizers, disinfectants and cover-ups on the market, and you may even sell some at your clinic.  Here's why DooDoo Voodoo is the smartest choice:

  • It works even where other products have already been used, but failed.  Our chemistry doesn't "see" whatever was used on an area before.  White vinegar?  Enzymes?  Bacteria?  Baking Soda?  Cover-ups?  Commercial carpet cleaning that failed to fully eradicate the odors?  No problem.

  • It's incredibly effective on stains as well as odors.  Blood on white carpet?  No problem.

  • It's fully biodegradable, environmentally friendly and contains lots of "green" ingredients.

  • It's WAY affordable.  The customer buys Concentrate, adds her own water and has as little as $0.31 in a quart of ready-to-use.  Try to match that with any other product on the market, let alone one as effective as our product.

  • It's incredibly easy to use.  Just pour (or spray) it, leave it!™

  • It's cheaper to carry and cheaper to sell.  One very large clinic reports that they can retail DooDoo Voodoo for less than they used to pay wholesale for a product they say "almost never worked."

  • Proceeds from the sale of DooDoo Voodoo help needy animals.  (See background on us below.)

It's Easy To Carry DooDoo Voodoo In Your Clinic
We make it easy on you and don't have large minimum orders, contracts, restricted territories, etc.  You just have to purchase full cartons of DooDoo Voodoo (12 RTU quarts per case or 9 quarts of Concentrate or 3 of our fantastic blacklights, which help clients find where the urine and body fluids are located).  You can pay by credit card.  We ship daily by FedEx ground.  We provide you brochures and have available cut sheets about how to use DooDoo Voodoo with a carpet cleaning machine.  We also have available articles we've written about Why Cats Fail To Use The Litter Box and How To Introduce A New Kitty To Your Home, both of which help your clients with potential indiscriminate urination problems.  (Both articles are available on our Downloads page.)  You'll also find a PDF of our brochure and a guide for treating pee-soaked subfloor and more.

How To Begin To Carry DooDoo Voodoo
Send us, either by fax, snail mail or e-mail, a letter on your clinic letterhead requesting information about DooDoo Voodoo.  Tell us a bit about your practice (how many vets, how many locations, number of years in business, square footage of the clinic...all the usual stuff) and we'll send you back a PDF file containing dealer pricing and a few minimal terms and conditions.  Our US Mail address is 702 N. Shortridge Road, Indianapolis IN 46219.  Our fax number is 317-357-9496.  Our e-mail address is  If you have any questions, feel free to call us at
317-35-NOPEE or 866-29-NOPEE.

This page you're on is just the veterinary-specific page of our full DooDoo Voodoo site, so please use any of the links at the top of the page to poke around the full site and learn more about DooDoo Voodoo.  You...and your clients and their pets...will be very glad you did.  Start with the Testimonials page and the Case Studies page. 

Here's a recent unedited and unsolicited comment from a customer who is a certified riding instructor:

"I wanted to let you know how much I love your product!  JJJ 

I share my home with six cats, one dog and have large animals.  Everyone gets along marvelously, but there are inevitably accidents along the way.  I have, like many others, tried so many things to eliminate cat urine and dog urine smells and never had 100% success—no matter what the bottle said and how I followed the instructions.

The folks who lived in my home previously had two large dogs and kept them downstairs in the finished basement in a sectioned off part with a baby gate when they were at work.  Even with professional cleaning, the basement always smelled like wet dog.  Then my older dog had a few accidents in the same spot and one of my cats marked that area too—so there was some serious smelly spots on that carpet—even after using other urine eliminating products and carpet shampoo—the odor of wet dog and cat lingered.

It started to get embarrassing when friends would come over and mention they could smell animals in my house.  I pride myself on keeping a clean home because of all the critters and it made me nuts that I couldn’t clean up the house to the point where you didn’t notice animals when you walked in.

One of the most amazing things was that a few weeks before getting your product, I had my carpets professionally cleaned. They put something on the carpet in a few places where there had been accidents—telling me that would take care of the smell.  After about two days the smell was actually worse and the wet dog smell was back worse than ever.  I tore up a section of carpet because I just couldn’t stand it and I pretty much thought by that time that nothing could eliminate the odor.

I had used the DooDoo Voodoo on other areas, so I thought why not use it in the carpet cleaner like the label says and see what happens?  First of all the dirt that came out of the carpet was amazing (so apparently my carpet cleaner works better than a pro) and secondly the next day…no smell.  At all.  Anywhere.

My entire basement and home is pet odor free for the first time in two years!  It is unbelievable.  Not only will I recommend DooDoo Voodoo to my friends, I will never use anything else in my carpet machine!

When I used the DooDoo Voodoo in other areas within a day most of the urine smells were GONE.  Others only required a second treatment.  It also works great on dog vomit.  I couldn’t believe that when I poured the DooDoo Voodoo on the dried vomit stain, the stain actually started to disappear before I even scrubbed it.  I then simply used my carpet cleaner and it was gone.

It works great on hard surfaces (when kitties miss the box) and on cloth. It’s gentle, yet remarkably strong.   It even works on smelly horse blankets!  Horse urine is pretty strong stuff, too.

Thank you SO much for DooDoo Voodoo!  I wish I could sell it for you!  I’d make you a lot of money!"  — Betsy

If You Just Want To Use DooDoo Voodoo, Not Sell It
We still offer the same veterinary pricing to clinics that desire to use DooDoo Voodoo in their facilities, but not sell it.  It's phenomenal as a whole-clinic cleaner & deodorizer, and doesn't leave behind the sour smell bleach can.  We used DooDoo Voodoo at our nonprofit spay/neuter clinic on Feral Fridays (when we'd perform as many as 80 surgeries, including amputations, enucleations, etc.) and it worked like a dream getting rid of the feral smell left behind at the end of the day.

Background On The Founders
We've been heavily involved in animal charity work for more than two decades and are the founders of two federally licensed animal charities.  We founded, funded and operated a nonprofit, feline-only, low-cost spay/neuter clinic in the neediest section of our city.  We've lectured on feral cat management and early-age spay/neuter at a conference at a respected veterinary school.  We've worked closely with city government officials to change animal-related laws in our city [Indianapolis].  We've coordinated and conducted puppy-mill raids and rescue operations with law enforcement and the media.  We've rescued and adopted into lifelong homes many hundreds of animals over the last quarter century.  As you can imagine, as far as animal smells go, we've had more exposure to them than most people ever will.  We have extensive experience with professional carpet cleaning equipment and methodology, and have helped people save their "trashed" homes and carpet.  Our #1 goal with DooDoo Voodoo:  save animals' lives.

We invented DooDoo Voodoo because we were fighting terrible pee problems with some of the rescued cats who lived with us and who were staying with us in our private rescue facility while awaiting their forever homes.  Even being heavily involved in animal charity work, we were terribly angry about the indiscriminate urination problems we were dealing with.  Feeling angry made us feel badly about ourselves, because we knew the cats in many ways couldn't help peeing everywhere.  So, we were angry with the cats, angry with ourselves...and had a stinky house we were embarrassed by.  Due to the cat pee odors, back in the late '80s, there was a time when people would come to our front door and we'd refuse to let them in.

Knowing how many animals are euthanized because of indiscriminate urination, and knowing that there's no way to ensure that house pets would never urinate in inappropriate places, we felt a heavy sense of responsibility about needing to develop a truly effective odor-control product.  As you can see, we knew...and know...exactly what your clients are going through.  Tell them not to give up on their pets.  DooDoo Voodoo can help.

The Final Pitch
You'll enjoy doing business with us.  Your clients will LOVE you for recommending DooDoo Voodoo to them, and you'll look like a hero.  Let us help you grow your practice, retain clients and save patients' lives.  Add DooDoo Voodoo to your product mix today.  Click here to e-mail us to get started!

Earth-Friendly Pet Odor & Stain Remover

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