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Peyton Manning & His Wife Ashley Say:

"Adopt Your Pets From Animal Shelters & Be Sure To Have Them Spayed & Neutered!"

Photograph Copyright 2002, Eric Smith.  All rights reserved.  Photo and quote are not to be construed as an endorsement of DooDoo Voodoo in any way by the Mannings; they simply support our animal charity work.  We & they believe in saving animals' lives.


Welcome To Our Pets Available Page

Shown here are needy animals currently residing in our Indianapolis rescue facility and awaiting their forever homes.  They've had regular vet care, eat only the best veterinary-quality foods and drink purified water.  We have a great facility for them, but it's nothing like the sense of belonging they'd get from living in a real home.  We and our part-time caretakers are only in the facility in the morning and evening, so these deserving cats don't get nearly the degree of human interaction they'd prefer.  Please consider adopting one of these needy animals.

To receive an adoption application by fax or e-mail, please e-mail or call 317-356-6733.


This awesome picture is of a mom and her 4 offspring we rescued from a marina near the reservoir we live by.  The picture was shot when we first brought the cats home and before they loosened up...a bit.  They're still not lapcats by any means, but they aren't clinging to each other like they used to, and they'll come around for brushing and petting.  They might not "show" as well as we'd like, but they're nice kitties who would warm up in a real home.  All are healthy.  There are 4 girls (Abby, Carmen, Daphne and Eileen) and one boy (Benny).  Could you adopt one or two...or the whole bunch?  They love being around each other...obviously.

JimBob is an insulin-dependent diabetic, large fellow who would do best as an only pet or with one of our other (submissive) cats he is familiar with.  (His good buddy is Zorra, shown below.)  He enjoys lapsitting and definitely never turns down an opportunity to be brushed.  He was found alongside a busy road and was friendly from the get-go.  He had a home for a short time, but the husband got jealous of all the time JimBob was spending with the wife, so JimBob's back with us.  He wants & deserves a good home again.  Here's another picture of JimBob.

This is Harley, a very large, long-haired male who came to us after being thrown out of an alcoholic's rented apartment when the alcoholic's two boa constrictors opted not to eat Harley.  Honest.  He was living outside and was in sorry condition.  A good grooming and some vet care, including neutering, put him back into tip-top shape and he's ready for his forever home.  Harley is unbelievably friendly, loves human interaction and is currently so large he gets stuck in the pet door going out the the screened porch.  He gets along well with other cats.

Sally (shown when she was a kitten, and here 3-6-04) is a tortoise-shell kitty who was found eating out of a dumpster.  Sally can be quite timid until she gets to know you---and perhaps even then!---and would do well in quiet homes without small children or other pets.  Sally loves to be brushed.  If you have a quiet home and a big heart and are in the market to help a needy kitty, Sally might just be perfect for you.  See another, more recent, pic of Sally here Sally often "flops around like a fish" while getting brushed.

This is Phoebe (top) and Zoe (bottom), a two-sister team we rescued.  They're never far from each other and would do well in a home together.  They will sometimes beat up on submissive cats, so they'd likely not do well being introduced to a home where there are existing pets.  They love petting and brushing and are healthy girls.

This is Marco.  As you see in the picture, one of his pupils is larger than the other.  This is because he has a brain abnormality.  In fact, one vet told us Marco would never be right and should be euthanized.  Glad we didn't; Marco has turned out to be very happy, healthy otherwise and well adapted.  He loves other cats and, even though he can barely see, gets around quite well in our rescue facility.  Marco deserves a real home, though, and urges you to consider him.

Blackie and Tiger's story is an interesting one.

In December, 2003, Blackie & Tiger were brought to the I-CAN Feline Spay/Neuter Clinic by their mom, 81-year-old Katherine Louise Stapp.  Their surgeries went fine, they tested negative for FIV/FeLV and they were vaccinated.  Mrs. Stapp didn't drive, so she had to take a cab to and from the clinic.  She didn't have pet carriers, so we loaned her two of ours.  She was spry, well-groomed, well-dressed and carried herself with an air of quiet sophistication.

On Tuesday, March 2, 2004, we received a call from Mrs. Stapp's attorney notifying us that she had committed suicide and had left a note asking him to contact us to see if we would take care of her cats.  We were stunned, to say the least.

So, off to Mrs. Stapp's we went to collect Mrs. Stapp's cats.  When we went to the home, it was in quite a state of filth, so we couldn't find Blackie or Tiger among all the rubbish.  We set a humane trap with some food in it and we waited.  It took a couple days, but finally Blackie was humanely trapped.  His brother, Tiger, took a few more days and never did get trapped.  I had to go to the home a couple times to try to find him and when I finally did, he turned into a "flying cat" and nearly took my head off.  The capture didn't take long, but I was almost wearing Tiger on my forehead after he leaped at me from the shelf in a closet.

Blackie was quite timid after he was trapped and while he was at the spay/neuter clinic, where he again tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia.  Once we got him home, though, he warmed up nicely over the course of three days.  Now he comes to us most times we call him and he loves to be petted and brushed.

He had a couple injured patches above his eyes that bloodwork showed to be from hemobartonella (the bacterium that causes cat scratch fever).  They patches weren't bad and they healed up after a course of antibiotics.  Blackie had a couple hernias, which we had our veterinarian repair.

I've slept on an air mattress with these boys and they seemed to enjoy the company.  Blackie is quicker to socialize with you on the mattress than Tiger is, but Tiger seems to trust Blackie's instincts and will follow Blackie's lead (even though Tiger's older and larger than Blackie).  Tiger's much more trusting of humans when they're lying down or sitting on the floor than when they're walking toward him, so in an adoption visit he might not "show" as well as you might like (this may be an understatement, but he's quite worthy of your affection).  As with so many other timid cats we've rescued over the years, though, we believe these two guys will only get more and more comfortable around people as time goes on.  Naturally, they'd likely not do well in a raucous home with small children or dogs.  

The boys are really bonded to each other, so we'd love to see them go to a lifelong home together, especially given what they went through with Mrs. Stapp.


  The cats shown to the left are, top to bottom, Minnie and Mickey.  They, and their buddy Jake (now deceased) belonged to my father, who passed away unexpectedly on February 2, 2007.

Minnie is Mickey's mom and has only one eye.

Minnie is friendlier than Mickey, but even Mickey loves to be petted, brushed and held...once in awhile, at least.  Due to her size, Mickey requires clean-up help.

They've had regular vet care, including worming and, in the case of Mickey, shaving to get rid of her matted fur and let her skin heal from the flea bites she had.

These poor kitties are really missing their dad (my dad) and we'd love to find them a real home where they can spend more time with humans.  They're living in our rescue facility with our other rescued cats, but it's sure not at all like when they lived with their dad and were able to spend so much time with him.

If you have room in your home and your heart for these special kitties, please contact us.

They deserve your strongest consideration, given all they've been through.


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