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Peyton Manning & His Wife Ashley Say:

"Adopt Your Pets From Animal Shelters & Be Sure To Have Them Spayed & Neutered!"

Photograph Copyright 2002, Eric Smith.  All rights reserved.  Photo and quote are not to be construed as an endorsement of DooDoo Voodoo in any way by the Mannings; they simply support our animal charity work.  We & they believe in saving animals' lives.




Helpful Links

There are oodles of great pet-related sites on the Internet, but we've chosen to narrow down our LINKS list to just a handful of sites that pertain to the issues we're most passionate about:

Pet Overpopulation
Spay/Neuter (especially early-age spay/neuter)
Lifelong Pet Ownership & Care (including providing for medical needs later in life)
Emphasis On The Need For Behavior Training (puppies, mainly, but older dogs, too)
Pet-Friendly Rental Housing
Pet Safety
Pets And Cancer From Exposure To Smoking

In addition, here's a link to the site of an animal communicator we've worked with and whom we respect.  Her name is Mary Marshall and her site is  Another person we've found to be very helpful is energy healer Kathy Barr.  Her site is  This sort of thing may seem a bit "out there" to some, but believe me...we've found both of these women to have extraordinary gifts.  If you've got animal behavior or health issues you can't get a handle on, we urge you to contact these women. 

As with any site's links to other sites, we may not necessarily agree with every statement you'll find on these sites, but we feel these are valid and credible sites and deserve inclusion here.
This site includes educational info regarding the rate of reproduction of cats and dogs, benefits of spay/neuter, importance of early-age spay/neuter (which we practiced quite successfully at our nonprofit spay/neuter clinic) and helps people find spay/neuter resources in their area.  The site also has information and advice for starting your own spay/neuter program.
By typing in your zip code, you can find local animal "lost and founds," pet-friendly apartments & rental housing, shelters and rescue groups, animal hospitals, veterinary emergency clinics and spay/neuter resources.  Another site where you can find pet-friendly apartments is

National Animal Poison Control Center of the ASPCA.
They may charge a $65 fee per consultation, their site says.

Pets exposed to smoking are many times more likely to develop cancer, specifically oral and lung.  Learn more here.
Possibly the best site for all things related to feral cat management.  This is a great organization, and their mission ties in closely with our mission to control pet overpopulation.  (We lectured on feral cat management at a statewide veterinary conference held at the Purdue School Of Veterinary Medicine.  We also helped broaden the programs in our city for dealing with feral cat management, including helping get feral cat management legalized and supported by the city.)  Another good site is, the site of the Feral Cat Coalition.  You can also check out, an organization with whom we've done a lot of work.
Dog behavior and training articles from the San Francisco SPCA.
Cornell Veterinary School's Free Resources For Pet Owners
Free downloadable educational info regarding companion animal health and behavior issues from Cornell University Veterinary Medical School, which is a highly respected institution.
Also from Cornell, free downloadable brochures regarding feline health issues.
This is the feline behavior section of the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine's website.  Tufts is another well respected veterinary school.

  Sites Pertaining Specifically To Behavior & Crate Training For Your Dog
(cat and other behavior covered, too)
AAHA Pet Owner Information Page (dog behavior classes & advice in Indianapolis)